About the Project:

Kid’s Voice wanted  an up to date site that was easy to navigate. We added a banner image to showcase kids they work with and activities that they host. This site is very informative for families that want to become more involved in their programs.

Site Features:

  • Content Management System
  • Website Redesign
  • Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Mobile device viewing of websites is becoming increasingly more popular, Kids’ Voice wanted a mobile friendly site that viewers can easily navigate. On a mobile optimized site like Kids’ Voice, the site will reformat itself to all mobile devices. We added larger navigation buttons, reformatted content, and differently optimized images so they appear functionally on all devices.

Content Management System

Kid’s Voice wanted to be able to update their own site when events took place. With the addition of a NEXTFLY content management system, they can now easily update their content, post photos and keep people up to date on any events taking place! Not only does their content management system look good, but it makes their life easier on updating their clients with new information.