About the Project:

Elements wanted a new web site design that was kept very simple. They wanted to showcase their classes and schedules to clients. The site is very user-friendly in that anyone of any age would be able to  use the site as they work with a wide age range of people.

Site Features:

  • Content Management System
  • Responsive Design

 Responsive Design

Having a website that is clean and easy to navigate on all devices is extremely important these days. Clients want information at their fingertips, and viewers who cannot view a site from their mobile device have the potential to go to another business. To keep viewers on their webpage we responsively scaled the site information making it easily attainable on any device.

Content Management System

Elements offers a variety of classes that they would like to update on their end. Therefore, we created a content management system for them. Having this type of site, allows the customer to be able to update any content or images at their own pace and time frame. They can maintain all their web content and pages on their own, which allows flexibility overall.