About the Project:

Venticlenz came to Nextfly to build an eCommerce website to sell their products. They had a website before, but did not have the ability to sell on it. We built a WooCommerce shopping cart into their custom built website design and they began taking sales the beginning of 2018. Venticlenz was very happy with their final result and the ability to sell their own products themselves, rather than having to go through another online retailer that would take a percentage of profits made.  They were also happy to be able to sell their products in more than one place. A win for themselves as well as their customers!

Site Features:

  • ECommerce
  • Mobile (Responsive)
  • Custom Website Design

Responsive Design

Almost everyone used mobile devices to pull up information without having to seek out a computer; therefore, R&S Plating knew how important it was that their website could be pulled up using mobile devices. Their site, R&S Plating, has been built to be opened on all types of devices without diminishing its visual appeal. Click Here, to learn more about responsive design.

Custom Website Design