About the Project:

Nefouse & Associates has been a NEXTFLY client since 2006. Over the years, we have provided their organization several services relating to digital marketing, on/off-site search engine optimization (SEO), and website design/development services to help them continue to gain momentum in their industry. With this latest redesign, we wanted to modernize the aesthetics of the site and really put an emphasis on redeploying a better user experience for all demographics that may visit the site.

As they continue to thrive in the group health insurance market, we are also helping them build micro-sites for individual services through various digital marketing campaigns.

Site Features:

  • Content Management System
  • Custom Site
  • Mobile Site Design

Responsive Design

Nefouse & Associates decided that it was important to have great user experience on mobile and desktop.  A mobile responsive site is a website that adapts to any size screen on mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and  phones. The goal of mobile responsiveness is to build pages that detect the viewers device and adapts your website accordingly. To learn more information about our  responsive design services click here.

Custom Design