About the Project:

Mt. Carmel wanted to add a large banner to showcase photos of the church and the pastor. They also wanted to highlight the Pastor’s corner and their bookstore. Since all different ages will be viewing their website, this was developed to be user friendly. Mt. Carmel wanted a whole new look and redesign and that is exactly what they received.

Site Features:

  • Content Management System
  • Website Redesign
  • Responsive Design      

 Responsive Design

People are viewing websites on the go and wants to be able to have access to all websites at the fingertips. Having a responsive design is key when designing a website. This gives everyone who views your site access on all mobile devices.

Content Management System

The beauty of a content management system, is the user can update their website at any time and on their own. If you need any changes to content, images or want to post a blog, you can do this once your site goes live. We offer a complimentary training for the CMS and once you complete this, you will have control of these changes on your own and at your convenience.