Indiana Spine Hospital Design

About the Project:

With the build of their new facility and opening, Indiana Spine Hospital wanted to be sure that their new state of the art hospital had a website that showcased their services. We have completed work for Indiana Spine Group in the past and enjoyed having the opportunity to work with them on more projects. They wanted to have a new website that was easy to use, and could provide information for their new and returning patients.

To do this, we created a content management system with a responsive design that fit with what they were looking for.

Site Features:

  • Content Management System
  • Responsive Design


Responsive Design

Most of the world now uses mobile devices to pull up information without having to seek out a computer; therefore, Indiana Spine Group knew how important it was that their website could be pulled up using tablets and phones. Their site, for Indiana Spine Hospital, has been built to be opened on all types of devices without diminishing its visual appeal. Click Here, to learn more about responsive design.

Content Management System

When designing the Indiana Spine Hospital website, we knew that we needed to make loading content quick and easy for our client, without difficult coding. Now, Indiana Spine Hospital can easily add, edit, and publish their own with their NEXTFLY content management system. Not only is their site easy to maintain, it has a look of its own due to the fully custom build. Even if you have no prior knowledge of WordPress, you will be able to quickly learn with our free 2 hour training.