About the Project:

Griffon Fabric wanted to not only modernize their website, but also showcase some of their items. They added a large slider, with photos to showcase their fabrics and ideas of what their fabrics can be used for. In the interior pages they added a gallery of their fabrics to allow customers to view some of the items they have at their location. A services and blinds areas was incorporated on the home page so customers can view these their specialities easily. The new site is easy to navigate not only online, but also on any mobile device.

Site Features:

  • Content Management System
  • Website Redesign
  • Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Griffon Fabrics wanted their website to be able to be viewed for all mobile devices. As we all know people are always on the go, therefore Griffon’s site adjusts to all devices and is easy to navigate from anywhere.

Content Management System

With Griffon adding new inventory and products, they wanted to be able to update their own content. We created a content management system, in which they are able to add and delete photos whenever they arrive in their store. They can also update any of the content on their pages, add or delete photos and maintain their website whenever is convenient for them. Content management systems are ideal for clients who want to be in control of their website if they have events or items they need to constantly update.